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During the years of depression(萧条),food and money were very hard to find and people had to trade things with each other.

  One day I was 1 some potatoes from Mr Miller.I noticed a small poor boy hungrily 2 a full basket of 3 green peas.Then I was 4 to see that Mr Miller sold the boy a bag of peas for just a marble(弹球).
  Mrs Miller,who had been standing nearby,5 and told me that Mr Miller loved to trade with the three boys in the village for peas,tomatoes,and other things 6 he didn’t really need any marbles.I left the stand,smiling to myself,7 by this man.
  Several years went by.One day I learned that Mr Miller had died.I took part in the funeral(葬礼),8 three young men.They came over to Mrs Miller,hugged her,kissed her on the cheek,spoke with her and moved on,9 their eyes.
  Our 10 came to meet Mrs Miller.I mentioned 11 she had told me about the 12.She told me,“Those three young men above were the boys I told you about.They just told me 13 they appreciated the things Jim‘traded’with them.Now,at last,they came to pay their debt.”
  “We’ve 14 had a great deal of the wealth in this world,”she added,“but right now,Jim would consider himself to be the 15 man.”
  Then she gently lifted the 16 fingers of her husband.Resting underneath were three red marbles.
  At that time I realized that we would not be 17 by our words,but by our kind 18.It is said that it takes a minute to find a 19 person,an hour to appreciate him,a day to love him,but an entire life to 20 him.
  James Barry
  1.A.buying B.selling C.borrowing D.hunting
  2.A.glaring at B.glanced at C.staring at D.watched at
  3.A.picking fresh B.freshly picked C.picked freshly D.fresh dried
  4.A.astonished B.amazed C.annoyed D.worried
  5.A.turned over B.going over C.came over D.coming over
  6.A.but B.otherwise C.or D.although
  7.A.suspected B.impressed C.regreted D.embarrassed
  8.A.saw B.discovering C.finding D.seeing
  9.A.closing B.wiped C.cleaning D.wiping
  10.A.time B.chance C.turn D.decision
  11.A.the story B.the proverb C.the legend D.the joke
  12.A.marbles B.men C.debt D.life
  13.A.why B.how C.when D.what
  14.A.ever B.always C.never D.seldom
  15.A.honest B.happiest C.coldest D.richest
  16.A.lifeless B.regretless C.useless D.hopeless
  17.A.thought B.touched C.remembered D.affected
  18.A.deeds B.things C.remarks D.rewards
  19.A.strict B.honest C.special D.learned
  20.A.ignore B.forget C.recognize D.remind
  1.A。作者去商店当然是去买东西,buy sth.from…。
  2.C。此处表示饥饿的孩子眼巴巴叮着….。stare at“凝视,注视”He stared at the word trying to remember what it meant.他盯着这个单词,努力想记起它的意思;glance at“瞥见,匆匆看一下,看一下”(常与down,up,over连用),如;She glanced along the road to see if he was coming.她沿路扫视着,看他是否要来了。再如:He glanced at his watch and then looked at the sky.“他看了看手表,然后又看了看天空。”;glare at“对...怒目而视,瞪眼,怒目而视(at,on,upon)”如:They stood-ring at each other.他们站着互相怒目而视。再如:The old gentleman just stood there glaring at the pickpocket and did not say a word.“这位老先生只是站在那里对那个扒手怒目而视,一句话也没有说。”;watch“观看”,及物动词,后面不加介词。
  We were amazed at the ingenuity with which they solved their difficulties.他们在解决困难中所表现的智慧使我们惊叹[佩服]。astonish表示“使人大吃一惊”、“几乎无法使人相信”,但没有“惊叹”的意思,如:I was astonished at his rudeness.他的粗野使我大吃一惊。;annoy“使生气,使不高兴,使烦恼”;worry“使烦恼,使焦虑,使苦恼”
  5.C。come over“走过来”;turn over“翻转,反过来”。注意空前的逗号,逗号后应用现在分词。本题学生易误选A。
  7.B。作者通过这件事,很受感动,所以印象深刻。be impressed by[at,with]被深深打动[感动];suspect“怀疑”;regret“遗憾,后悔”;embarrass“使困窘,使局促不安”如:He was embarrassed by debts.他因债务而局促不安。
  8.D。注意空前的逗号,此处是作状语。(=…and saw…)。本题学生易误选A,没有注意到空前的逗号。
  9.D。注意空前的逗号,此处表伴随。wipe“擦,揩,擦去”,wipe(away)one’s tears擦掉眼泪;wipe one’s eyes with a handkerchief用手帕擦眼睛。其他不符合句意且形式也不对。
  10.C。turn“时机;机会”强调顺序。如:It’s your turn to clean the blackboard.再如:You have missed your turn.你错过了机会。Chance“机会,可能性,偶然性,运气”;time“时间”;decision“决定”均不符合题意。本题学生易误选B。
  17.C。此处是说“被人记住”之意。affect“影响,感动”,根据下文可以看出意思。人并不是因语言而被(别人)记住,别人记住你是因为你的good deeds。本题学生易误选B和D。
  18.A。deed“行为,行动”;thing“事情”;remark“评论,意见,话”如:rude remarks粗鲁的话;再如:a theme of general remark议论纷纷的话题;make a few remarks说几句话;作短评;We saw nothing worthy of remark我们看不到值得注意的东西。Reward“报酬,奖金”,不符合题意。本题学生易误选D。


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